Legal Name Deception


Here are some basic truths.

The World runs under copyright law. It is the most powerful law.

Your “Real Name” is actually a “LEGAL NAME” and is not yours and is not you, but is actually a Legal Fiction/Corporate Entity, copyrighted by the Crown Corporation.

Have you ever noticed that although you always write “your name” in upper and lower case letters, that your driver license, your passport, your Social Security Card and your Bank statements ALWAYS are showing (what you believe to be) “your name”, IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS???? Check it out.

This is because the ALL CAPS NAME is not you and not yours. When you are born, and a Birth Certificate is created, then the “name” that your parents gave you is copied and another NAME is created in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, and then it is copyrighted. It looks similar to your original name, but it is NOT your original name, nor is it yours.

Later in life, when you apply for driver license, SSN, passport etc, you then receive them with the name written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, you don’t notice, and you just use it as if it were yours. Using this ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAME is actually illegal because it is copyrighted and it is not yours to use. This means that you are committing copyright infringement EVERY time you use that NAME. Because you are using something that is not you and not yours, you are subject to the Laws, Codes and Statutes which apply to Persons or Corporate Entities. The system is a Corporate Entity and it can only do commerce with other Corporate Entities, not with living men and women. When you use the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAME, then you are acting for the Corporate Entity and as it, and therefore, you are giving your consent to be subject to all of the Laws, Statutes and Codes. You are also subject to taxation. This is extortion at its finest. You cannot be owned, that would be slavery. But when you agree to “be” a corporate entity by using the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAME, then you become a voluntary slave! You are also subject to the requirements of the system to “register” all of your property such as cars, motorcycles, boats and houses. Once these are registered to the “state”, the state owns them, you do not. Check out the deeds to your home – it shows the NAME as “Tenant”, never as owner. This way, you continue to pay into the extortion – your energy is exchanged for dollars, and your intellectual and physical labor is taxed which actually is extortion. You own your intellectual and physical labor, your physical body creates the energy and you are entitled to fair exchange for your labor and you do not owe anyone tax – tax is daylight robbery.

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7 thoughts on “Legal Name Deception

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  2. Genesis 9:5-6 is all about respect for the living beings and the user fees God charges on our souls. Makes me certain that those who poison the grasses, foods and waters with their annihilation chemicals are in for a really long execution style Judgment Day sentencing.


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