I See It Like This

There is no authority on earth

Here is a list of various statements made by people who have woken up to some of what is going on around us – this is how they see things.  These are not necessarily fact – this is a journey – but it is interesting to see how people see things – outside the mainstream perception.

Click on each one to read the full text

Government doesnt actually exist

Our Collective Energy by Borian

A legal license is what you get when YOU make the conscious decision to be . . .

LEGAL NAME Fraud….. Why don’t they enforce identity fraud???

This is why legal name joinder is so important and the first thing attempted . . .

Fact: “Legality is not reality.” is a MAXIM OF LAW. So what is legality?

Let’s get this straight…I’m not anti govt anti banking anti law anti cops . . .

Principles need not proved to anyone for they speak for themselves . . .

Prove it!! Were you the one that created AND registered/copyrighted the legal name?

The Birth Certificate/name fraud

Scripture…because actors and demons can only act on orders or follow a script.

Simple as this, using a legal name is proof of implied consent to be under the LEGAL contract of its . . .

The Simple Truth  There is only one truth, and after all the investigation, consultation, research . . .

Why am I still spouting about this stuff?

To not be in contract nor have the means to be in contract with cops . . .

Hey all you wanna be living beings out thar: tearing down the matrix. . .

The Tricksters & Fraudsters Tricks and how we saw through them!

How many of you actually REALIZE that by your compliance AND consent . . .

So You Don’t Believe Me?

Are you using their corporate mark?

It comes down to this. It is illegal to use a legal name . . .

Who Are You? Are you the NAME?

The Supreme Court confirms the Legal Name contracts…

Banks do not lend money.

“My name is the same as the legal fiction”

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