Cero Recordings ~ Truth Inserted Into the System


One known as Amennone Cero asks questions of “Authority”

(Asking questions can often lead one to what is going on.  Cero feels that this is a good way to learn.  This is his way, others choose to go other ways, such as correcting status which enables one to take back control and live life, rather than being an agent for a dead entity.)

Call to jail regarding attempt to coercively join living being to legal cult.

Second call to Bethany Missouri (Harrison County) jail admin, “Pam”

Failed legal joinder attempt: Bethany (Harrison Co.) Missouri

Call to Bethany, Missouri “crimetips” 660-425-3199

Call to one called Pam (Harrison Co. , Missouri Jail administrator)

Wellness check on no namer at Bethany, Missouri jail

Call to GA DMV corporate agent July 2016: non-corporate name can not receive a license.

Arizona vital records folk know that birth certificates are fraud 1

Arizona vital records folk know that birth certificates are fraud 2

Call to Maryland Vital Records

Call to Kansas Vital Records

Call to Nebraska Vital Records

Call to Kentucky Vital Records

Illegal Trafficker, Monica Pollard, is a Legal Name Fraudster

Attorney Eric S. Goldstein demonstrates gross legal incompetence: Legal Name use is Fraud

Call to Michegan Vital Records:Legal Name Use is Fraud

IRS Media Relations:
Use of Legal Names and Birth Certificates is fraudulent

Attorney Tyler Murray:It is illegal for non-B.A.R. Members to use Legal Names to Pay Taxes.

Attorney Robert Booker:It is illegal to use Legal Names/Birth Certificate

Nevada Vital Records Programs Officer Jason:
It’s illegal to use a Legal Name.
Follow up call to Nevada Vital Records Management Chad and Jason.
Call to California Vital Records:
It’s illegal to request or use Birth Certificate.
Call #2 to California Vital Records:
It is illegal to request/use Birth Certificate.

Arizona Vital Records Operation Manager Practices Legal Sans a B.A.R. Card

Colorado Vital Records Corporation:
It is illegal to use Birth Certificates

Champaign IL – Revenue Officers Deal and Lieb are Kidnappers
KRO Declines offers to sign for/invoke Legal Name.
KRO’s second Feather Brush:
Unwavering in Truth.
Mask Maker talks about the featherbrush.

Call to Washington DC Vital Records.

HR Blockheads in Atlanta GA:
It is illegal to use Legal Names

HR Blockheads Name Fraudsters:
It is illegal to use the Legal Name

TSA employee (Brian) gets word that legal ID is illegal to use, forwards info to TSA legal counsel

Call to Washington DC vital records: legal name fraud

Bank says no loans to living beings: legal name fraud

Employee of huge bank, “I have never heard of a living being”.

Georgia Midwives are legal name fraudsters enslaving us at birth!

Mike Farris (HSLDA BAR Attorney): Legal Name Fraud

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association): Legal Name Fraud

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