Where We Are In The Fraud Process Briefly Explained

By Anna Von Reitz
This country has been embezzled since the Civil War by foreign banking interests.
In 1868 some crafty lawyers and members of Congress operating as the Board of
Directors of “The United States of America, Incorporated” adopted the actual
Constitution—- a document known as “The Constitution for the united States of
America” —as the basis of their own corporate charter. They made a few minor
changes, like changing the name to “the Constitution of the United States of
America” and voila—- the name game began in earnest. They also incorporated the
Municipal Government of the District of Columbia as the District of Columbia
Municipal Corporation and issued a third similarly and deceptively named
“Constitution” known as “the Constitution of the United States”.
Armed with these deceptively named dopplegangers they began making
“Amendments” by fiat. It’s easy to amend a corporate charter so that’s what they did
with their “Constitution of the United States of America”—- added the 13th, 14th.
15th and so on without any mandated ratification process by the actual states on the
land. Using this deceit they by-passed the actual Constitution owed to the organic,
physically defined states. Instead, they created “Federal States” for themselves—
merely “inchoate” legal fictions on paper, and adopted names from the actual states
on the land.
Prior to the 1870’s the actual physically defined states used the names “State of
Delaware”, etc., after that period of time the “Federal States” began using these
names, too, and the actual states on the land were named “Delaware State” and so
on in the federal system.
This fraud was expedited by the adoption of “new” State Constitutions—- but then
as now, which “states” are you talking about? It was all another “adoption” ploy by
the lawyers— they “adopted” the existing Constitutions of the States on the land
just like they adopted the actual Constitution, made a few changes, and ipsofacto,
they created a whole network of “Federal States” doing business as “The State of
Maryland” etc.
This promoted a huge amount of confusion and expedited identity theft practiced
against the actual states and the people. They could no longer tell what kind of
“state” they were dealing with—- the State operating the land jurisdiction or The
State operating in the jurisdiction of the sea? Was it “the United States of America,
Inc.” or was it “The United States of America”? The only way you could tell the
difference was from whether or not the word “the” was capitalized or not.
By the time FDR rolled into town they were ready to move on to Phase II of their con
FDR’s Administration took the fraud against the actual states to the people by
creating Foreign Situs trusts in their given names.
A man called by the given name “Ross Adam Smith” had a “Federal State” Foreign
Situs trust named after him: Ross Adam Smith —-just like the original “State of
Missouri” had a doppleganger “Federal State” also named “State of Missouri” named
after it.
This was all to promote a practice of the crime of personage and the complimentary
crime of barratry by members of the Bar Associations for which this crime is named.
When FDR declared “The United States of America, Inc.” bankrupt in 1933 he
pledged the “Federal States” and all those bogus Federal State Foreign Situs Trusts
as “sureties” for the debts of the bankrupt corporation. Thus, incorporated Federal
entities merely named after our actual states and merely named after living
Americans were ensnared as “sureties” pledged to pay the debts of the private,
mostly foreign-owned “United States of America, Inc.”
None of this has a thing to do with our actual States on the Land nor with any living
American, but they used the deceptively similar names as a means to bring false
charges against these “federal persons” and make it seem that they were addressed
to living Americans and they certainly didn’t tell us otherwise—which is fraud by
semantic deceit, personage, and barratry committed against our great-grandparents,
grandparents, and parents and us in our turn.
So for example, the Federal “State” doing business as the State of Missouri and the
Federal State Foreign Situs Trust doing business as Ross Adam Smith were both
offered as sureties to pay off the debts of the parent corporation and were both
deliberately confused with the actual State of Missouri and actual man Ross Adam
Going forward “The United States of America, Inc.” being run behind the scenes by
the Federal Reserve Banks is bankrupted in 1933 and via this fraud scheme just
described —- the actual states and actual people are roped into paying its debts—
the private debts of a “governmental services corporation” fronted by banks.
This would be like roping a homeowner into paying the debts of a Property
Management Corporation merely under contract to mow his lawn and fix his gutters
and plow his snow.. That’s what happened in America in 1933.
But the lawn still has to be mowed, right? Enter another big banking cartel, the IMF,
doing business as the “UNITED STATES, INC.” coming in to act as “Successor to
contract” .
So you’ve got Ross Adam Smith, a Foreign Situs Trust owned and operated by a
bankrupt Federal “State” paying for the sins of that operation and you’ve got ROSS
ADAM SMITH a Cestui Que Vie Trust owned and operated by the IMF owing their
version of UNITED STATES, INC. and its “STATE OF ________” franchises for current
“governmental services”.
And you’ve got the Congress bilking everyone both ways to Sunday. Poor old living
man Ross Adam Smith is paying for all the debts of The United States of America,
Inc., including plenty of debts that never benefited him at all, plus paying for all the
current services, too.
According to Roosevelt’s New Deal, Ross is supposed be be getting remedy for this.
All his basic public services are supposed to be provided to him free of charge— all
his taxes are to be set aside, all his public utitility bills are supposed to be paid for
him, his retail sales, mortgages, credit cards, college loans, etc., are supposed to be
charged off via “Mutual Off-Set Credit Exemption Exchange”.
Basically, the “federal government” corporation owes Ross the living man a ton of
money, because he is paying off the federal corporation’s debts, but ROSS the Cestui
Que Vie Trust also owes the IMF for current services.
Ross is owed “full faith and credit” while ROSS pays the current bills. And the living
man gets nothing but hot air on one side from a bankrupt entity, and bills for
services on the other.
Well, poor old Ross the living man finally paid off all the debts of The United States
of America, Inc.just in time for the UNITED STATES, INC. to go insolvent and try to
pull the same crap all over again and claim that we are responsible for the debts of a
second private and criminally mismanaged Property Management Corporation.
The IRS acts as the billing agency for the IMF’s UNITED STATES, INC. while a brand
new FEDERAL RESERVE organized under UN auspices fronts THE INTERNAL REVENUE
The IRS is billing for the entire amount of the UNITED STATE’S “National Debt” and
claiming that “Federal Lands” are the collateral.
But, wait, the Federal Corporation has no “Federal Lands” besides the District of
Columbia and a few docks and arsenals—- they have just offered our property as
their collateral again, and are trying to confuse the issues and identities so that
foreign creditors can come in here and seize our land, our homes, and our labor to
pay for a private corporation’s debts.
And we just said, “No, sorry, this is not our debt and that is not their land and we
are not standing as sureties for them.”
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