Let’s Get This Straight, Once and For All….Birth Certificate Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz
Let’s get this straight—- some schmucks pretending to “represent” you, had you
declared legally dead, seized your estate, pretended to be the beneficiaries of your
estate, and sold it all on the stock (as in “cattle”) market to benefit themselves—-
and you think that is okay???
I have people running around like Henny Penny saying, “Your Birth Certificate is
worth millions! Your Birth Certificate is worth millions!”
Millions of what? (1) Digits on a ledger that someone jotted down; (2) IOU’s printed
on pieces of paper the same schmucks responsible for this whole scam created by
pledging you, your land, your home, your business, even your children as chattel
backing their debts?
Worth millions to who? To investors who think that they are buying an interest in
you, your body, your labor, your home, your business, your land, and your share of
the Grand Canyon—not to you. You and everything that you naturally possess
including your children are the object being offered for sale, the slave, the property,
the asset backing all those millions of IOUs.
What happens when you “access” all that “credit” that is generated on the value of
your labor and everything else you possess? You “voluntarily” sell yourself and your
country and your children. You give up your claim to your independence, your
children, your home, your land, and everything else that has been put at risk by
these criminals who have stood in the middle, bilking you on one side and bilking the
rest of the world on the other.
By all rights, the Americans should come at them from one side and the Chinese
should come at them from the other, and the entire rest of the world should applaud!
Now think of it another way— right now there are 390 million Americans who have a
stake in America. You decide you want someone else to pay your light bill so you
hop on the band wagon and “cash out” your Birth Certificate instead of rounding up
the bankers responsible for this situation and forcing them to pay you the principal
and interest they already owe you—and by so doing, you sell yourself and your
children and your country down the sewer.
You AGREE to their claim that you are a slave, and that everything you possess is
theirs, and subject to their disposal in “equitable exchange” for some pieces of paper
and digits they created out of thin air based on the value of your own actual assets.
Well, then, the foreign investors get to own your house and your business and
everything else and the bankers get fabulously rich and you and your kids get to lose
everything and be slaves and pay off all those IOUs they floated “for you” and in
your name.
As the Americans drop from the vine one after another, there are fewer and fewer
people who actually own a “piece of the pie”. From 390 million Americans you go to
300 million to 200 million to 100 million to 50 million to 20 million to 2 million to
200,000 to….. and pretty soon there’s just a handful of Americans left who have a
claim to own the whole country.
And they can be killed off, right? So the bankers inherit the Earth by swindling
everyone else? And we all go along with this?
I don’t think so.
If you have a brain in your head, you won’t “cash out” your Birth Certificate or
tolerate this bull at all. You will remove the “strawman” they created “for” you back
to terra firma— the land of “his” birth, and you will kick these international bankers
and politicians in the shorts so hard they will be seeing stars instead of profits for the
next hundred years.
You will bring suit against the British Crown for malicious fraud tort and copyright
infringement and war crimes against peaceful non-combatants. You will wake the
Hell up and seize back your identity and start making these cretins in Congress
answer the bell.
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