What You’re Not Being Told About The US, North Korea, China, Russia or The Middle East

The China, US, North Korea, Russia, Middle East….Stage Show Explained

By Jason Christoff

This won’t take too long. Stay with me………

1. The UK never relinquished control of the United States after The War of Independence. The agenda was always to make the citizens of the US believe they had won, so they would stop rebelling, thus making UK control of their conquered lands easier. http://bit.ly/2ejFWts This strategy was eventually applied to all 54 commonwealth nations. In short nothing but COVERT Royal family trickery……

2. Most US Presidents and ruling elite within the US are related to Royal lineage, and are under full control of the invisible hand out of the UK. The Bushes are the Queen’s primary organizing agents within the US territory. http://bit.ly/2oPBg1k. So again we see the same….Royal family trickery.

3. The Bush family and associates organized the attack on 9/11 for many reasons, one of those reasons was to destroy an office inside WTC 2, which housed an official investigation into how the Bush family, on behalf on their UK handlers, had taken over the full Russian economy and governmental apparatus with an illegal monetary fund. http://bit.ly/1vyHqwZ The vast majority of hijackers were from SAUDI ARABIA and guess who took over Saudi Arabia long ago? A short video reviewing who has been controlling the middle east governments for decades….click here. There is one public enemy that hides behind all the fake countries they control.

4. The Royal family out of the UK took over China long ago, using drugs (one of their favorite weapons against the public) to bring China to its’ knees, during the opium wars of the late 1700’s. Hong Kong was “given back to China” for the same reason the US people were told that they had won the war of Independence, so the people would stop squirming so much, as the chains of slavery were tightened around their necks. http://bit.ly/2e69sTA

5. Kim Jung-un of North Korea attended a luxury private school in Switzerland in order to be schooled . . . .

Read the FULL Story . . .

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