Pedophilia is Rampant Worldwide

By Jennifer Galligan

Statistically, we are dealing with well over 30% of our society that are connected with pedophilia and the trafficking rings. Bring in the adult trafficking and organ sales, then the numbers go much higher. It’s all about money, power and mental illness. They need these black market sales to fund their dark hidden agendas and they need the children to fulfill their dark satanic desires and rituals.
Don’t be fooled, they are in every facet of society woven in with good hearted people. They are in the governments, the boys clubs, the boy scouts, the police departments, the fire departments, the martial arts studios and anywhere else children are. They can’t help themselves, and are able to hide in plain sight. They know they are wrong or they wouldn’t hide it.

If people can fathom how fractals work, then they can also see that they are also trafficking humans off planet, which is a whole other rabbit hole in itself…….
It’s funny though, because a majority of Americans can’t fathom the level of pedophilia within society, they certainly can’t fathom their government being involved and won’t ever believe that the Clintons, etc are at the center of some of these dark rings. Never mind considerations for off planet human trafficking.
People are so asleep that they think people like me are delusional.

If people understood the level of what we’re dealing with, then I’m quite sure that all of these people would already have been removed from positions of power and probably would have been overcome by angry mobs especially angry moms. The players will do or say anything to keep this all hidden.
Hillary Clinton was full of massive shit throughout her entire campaign. She couldn’t tell a truth if she knew one! She robbed Haiti and has committed plenty of horrific crimes against humanity throughout her many years in politics….yet people actually voted for her and still defend her!
This tells me that people are still sleeping! The evidence against her is immense and apparently those whom support her, choose not to look at it. That is pure ignorance!!! And the reason this country is in the mess it’s in.

People think Trump is the enemy?! HA!!!
They’ll be dam glad it was Trump that got in once they find out what’s really going on!
I still think we should bulldoze Washington DC and put the corrupted culprits in prison. Stop hiding their pedophilia and believing that they are un-arrestable! They are arrestable!! Duh!

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