This is a great explanation as to what the ALL CAPS NAME actually is. Thanks Brad.

Love Truth

By: Bradley Loves

For what is in a name…?

A rose…, by any other name, would smell as sweet….

Quote from: Romeo and Juliet

These words…, written by Shakespeare…, as eloquent as they are…, are misleading at best!

“To KNOW….., something,  or someones “name” …, is to be able to steal it’s power!

To “own” that name, is even better!”

Rituals of Dark Magic

Every living human being on Earth has been given a “name”…, and that “NAME” has been cursed by evil. (You just don’t know it)

In the so called Christian World…, back in the days when Catholic Missionaires were moving all across the world to “tame the savages”…, every single time they encountered a “tribe” that lived in accordance with nature…, they “insisted” that these people CONFORM to Christianity!

Once they did…, they were forced to take on a “Chrisitian name”.

You as the reader can’t imagine…

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