Hoxsey; The Quack Who Cured Cancer

Published on Aug 11, 2015

Ken Ausubel’s award winning documentary goes by two names: “Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes A Crime” and “Hoxsey: The Quack Who Killed Cancer.” Watching this film you will see how the AMA and the FDA are the most worthless, murderous corrupt agencies in our government. They are OWNED by Big Agra, Big Pharma and the Rockefeller Foundation. This movie was originally made in 1987.

This documentary concerns Harry M. Hoxsey, the former coal miner whose family’s herbal recipe has brought about claims of a cancer cure. Starting in 1924 with his first clinic, he expanded to 17 states by the mid 1950s, along the way constantly battling organized medicine that labeled him a charlatan. Hoxsey’s supporters point out he was the victim of arrests, or “quackdowns” spearheaded by the proponents of established medical practices. Interviews of patients satisfied with the results of the controversial treatment are balanced with physicians from the FDA and the AMA. A clinic in Tijuana, Mexico claims an 80% success rate, while opponents are naturally skeptical. What is apparent is that cancer continues to be one of humankind’s more dreaded diseases, and that political and economic forces dominate research and development.

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