Origins and Solutions to Judicial Corruptions

A well informed, well researched experiencer of the lies that have been told, beautifully, and passionately shares her knowledge.  She is doing great work for humanity

She shared this with me:

” I don’t have a web site yet as I have kinda been otherwise occupied with fighting injustice proper and and I just started the You Tube Chanel. I do however have a Go Fund Me account to help offset filing fees and stuff for all the law philanthropy I do for women in prison. I currently have three cases pending in the OHIO SUPREME COURT and one in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

Thank you for the sharing of my content. I do it for public use. I do however not want anyone to personally benefit from it use as I am the Executor de Son Tort of many causes and as such any monies acquired from the knowledge I bring forth need to go to such purposes.
Peace be with you and all of your relations, may we all have enough,

Check out her syr crash YouTube channel.  You might like to subscribe, new videos regularly posted.
About the channel:
fiat justitia ruat caelum….let justice be done though the heavens may fall~

Well, I would have to say that this channel is solely for educational purposes. My hope and wish, my spell, is that the videos I put forth here will help people to have a better understanding of the paradigm we all are left to exist and dwell in. No one will escape it, all of us are entangled within it. It is what it is. We do not see it because we are in it. So the way I perceive things, I can not be free of this purgatory until All are Free. I am an existentialist and do not believe in violences, so teaching and showing others what I know to be true is the only way I know how to affect and effect such changes for the better that will free all of us, and thus me. I hate these chains that hold use here. Peace be with you all and all of your relations. May you have enough. Namaste~

From the GoFundMe site:

I, Lotus Justice, am exposing the corruption, racketeering and human trafficking of the judicial system, the (United States) Corporation, and the 1861 military and BAR Union coup d’état of the united states republic and The Constitution for the united States of America. I’m the object of constant threat, duress, coercion, unlawful incarceration and repeated assault by the army of the judiciary, police.

As a propria personam, pro per, litigant, standing under The Common Law, The Judiciary Act of 1789, and the Constitution for the united States of America, all actions that I’m taking are as an Executor De Son Tort on behalf of The Great Republic Of America, The Union Of Sovereign States Of America and All Free People Of The Land.

Out of pocket expenses have exceeded $100,000.

Writs and motions have been submitted to:


2:14-cv-343 MHW-MRA

16CV1631 KBJ

We’ll need funds to bring the cause to the public arena, file claims in the world court after my release, protection against attack, and to continue the cause on behalf of All Free People Of The Land.

My goal is to peacefully restore the Law, the lawful government of the united States of America, and The Republic using The Law of The Land and the Maxims and Tennants of The Common Law.

All contributions are appreciated.



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