Fabulous explanation of what is going on in this world, the deceit and the lies put together. It’s all about CONSENT. Thanks Bradley Loves. ❤

Love Truth

By: Bradley Loves

All of the world is a stage! 

You’ve heard this before, I’m sure!  But did you ever stop to think that this was EXACTLYwhat was going on?

Many things you will see in this article will be things I’ve said over the past two years!  However…, you will know that only if you’ve read absolutely EVERYTHING I’ve ever written!

If you have…, then this article is the final piece of the puzzle that makes ALL OF IT come in perfect clarity!

I’ve said things like:  It’s all a CON!   And…, you are being had!  But now…, I will add one last piece of the puzzle.   You are watching a world wide “stage show”…, complete with MAGICIANS, and props…, and distractions!

Look…, look over here…, the magician calls…., while meanwhile…, he is busy shifting and changing things that you are not paying attention to…


That is…

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