Holistic Practitioner Helps People with Cancer – and is prosecuted.

We have seen Holistic Practitioners under fire over the last year or so – many murdered because they told the truth about the harm that the (p)harmaceutical corporations are doing with their toxic drugs and poisons (chemotherapy), and about how toxic vaccinations are harming and killing children and adults.  Now another is under fire with a jail sentence in the UK for recommending the use of apple seeds and apricot kernels to help people regain health.  Lies are wicked.  The Medical Industry (that is what it is, an industry to make profit only) is pushing toxic poisonous drugs on people who have what is known as cancer, which is killing people.  People such as Mary, are guiding people to natural plants and such to help them heal themselves, which is Truth.

Published on 15 Apr 2016

http://mothernatureandyou.com/ Amanda Mary Jewell is under fire from the MHRA for allegedly selling vitamin B17 in the form of apple seeds or apricot kernels. She is being charged with several offences and the MHRA is trying to make an example of her holistic methods and knowledge. *** Let it be known that there is NO payment options on the website so there are technically NO products for sale. She is being assaulted for claiming that B17 fights cancer. It does, and she is merely stating a fact. They (The MHRA) have to understand that the truth about an important vitamin must become public knowledge and the charges against her are unfounded and only in place in order to make an example of her to other holistic practitioners. A court proceeding will take place in the United Kingdom, and Mary will be unable to attend as she is not in the country. A judge will make a decision and we have predicted that the proverbial book will be thrown at her. The MHRA needs to back off and they need to back off now. If they do not, they are admitting to backing up an evil empire of conglomerate medicine and supporting an industry KILLING MILLIONS IN PLAIN SIGHT. They are supporting the wrong people. PERIOD. Please pass this on and share with everyone. ESPECIALLY OTHERS IN THE HOLISTIC COMMUNITY. WE ALL NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND UNITE. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO LIVE IN FEAR. WE NEED TO TEACH THE WORLD.


Here is an update:

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