Paris and Europe Floods – Proof all are Entirely Manmade.

Published on Jun 15, 2016

“The worst thing is we don’t understand how this could happen. We don’t know.” (Paris shop-owner). I agree entirely. Almost every day these instantaneous and massive floods devastate some part of the world, and no one understands how these continuous events occur.

Last week I illustrated how the weekly floods in Texas are created in the same manner the floods in Germany were created. This week I’m extending it to include the Paris floods, and the floods all over Europe. As I say frequently, no matter where you are in the world, when you are hit with deluges like these, this is exactly why and how it is happening. There are no exceptions to this reality. This is how they are created… period.

Yet only a handful of people actually know it… that handful, being my viewers. The rest of the population (aside from the perpetrators) remains completely in the dark about these events that dramatically impact and alter their lives – every single day.

My viewers know I have and do make every conceivable effort to make “understanding how this could happen” not only possible, but easy. 200+ detailed and undeniable videos, and an equally undeniable eBook that explains 100 years of geoengineering development and reality (in a mere 40 pages) make it possible for anyone in the world who wants to understand global severe weather events and the truth about climate change – to be able to do it, for less than five dollars. For the price of a Starbuck’s coffee, people can actually understand the planet they live on.

As I’ve said before, if a million people read this eBook, the conversation would be very different. Instead of the exhaustive calls for “thoughts and prayers” for the endless victims (which is ubiquitous and scripted response to all manufactured terror events), people would be talking about how and why the event actually occurred.

Please share this work with everyone you know, and (if you value this singularly unique source of provable truth), please support this continuing independent effort.

Please support this continuing independent work. (PayPal)

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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