EVERYTHING is rigged: Elections, money, health care, taxes and more

* EVERYTHING is rigged: Politics, finance, medicine, the news, etc.
* Society is rigged against you, to keep you enslaved, ignorant and dis-empowered.
* You can be set free from the “theater for your mind” by becoming aware and awake of what’s really happening around you.
* The entire financial system is rigged to keep you in an endless cycle of poverty and debt.
* Ever notice how the government bailed out the wealthy elite banksters but never bails out the People?
* The entire health care system is rigged as a medical monopoly to keep you sick and dependent on doctors, drugs and ripoff health insurance.
* Google also takes part in enforcing the Big Pharma monopoly by banning advertising from Canadian pharmacies that can sell drugs to U.S. consumers at a fraction of the monopoly prices set in the USA.
* The only way to avoid being victimized by the rigged health care system is to learn how to eat healthy, prevent disease and not need Big Pharma’s toxic poisons.
* Property taxes are another way Big Government enslaves you and makes sure they can keep confiscating money from you even after you’ve already paid for everything once.
* The Central Banks are printing money, effectively STEALING money from you (without even having to put a gun to your head).
* State-run media incessantly try to paint a positive picture even when it’s all crashing around you.
* The financial scam is made intentionally complex so that everyday people can’t figure out how they’re being ripped off.
* The types of banking activities being used today in America will one day be criminalized and banned.
* The establishment will ROB you of every last dime you ever earned, via “health care” fraud, taxes, pension fund confiscations, etc.
* We will never have a future if we don’t stop the criminal banksters.
* We don’t have capitalism in America, we have cronism.
* Why we have to ARREST THE BANKSTERS to save America!
* The entire federal income tax has no economic justification… it exists to control your behavior and DISTRACT you from reality. Mathematically speaking, the government doesn’t need a dime of your money to operate.* Every rigged system eventually collapses.
* What kind of society will we build on the other side of the collapse of this rigged system?
* Why we need a GOLD standard for our money supply to avoid government printing and fiat currency debasement.
* An honest money system would allow you to keep what you earn and prevent the government (and the banksters) from stealing everything you have.
* Get ready for radical change across our society.
* It’s time for a peaceful revolution of the People to rise up and take back their money supply from the criminals and thieves who have stolen it from us.



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