Wanna Stay Enslaved Forever?

Be your own authentic self
Do You Really Want to Stay Enslaved Forever?

I wonder how many people actually REALIZE that by their compliance AND consent that they are perpetuating their own enslavement? OK sure, this control system was applied by stealth.  However, it is plain and simple to now see – in this INFORMATION AGE that ignorance is not bliss, and that it really is a choice.  So many complain about how bad things are. The taxes, the poverty, the homelessness, the wars, the “terrorism”, the “economy”!
I’ve come to realize that by participating in the system and by consenting to pay (unlawful) taxes, that WE are all responsible for this mess!  Those still steeped in FEAR of “I have to” and “There’s nothing I can do about it” sadly do not have the courage to stand up and say what has to be said – “NO”!!!  But we must stand together.
What about saying “I can” ?? Sure, it takes a lot of courage for some to step out of the box of compliance.  But you know – MANY resonate with the statement ~
“There is no authority on Earth that can rightfully govern your life.”
People inherently know this – yet, they are afraid to actually take back responsibility and self authority. It takes a special being to feel the FEAR and do it anyway.
But remember. False Evidence Appearing Real is all it is. If a large number of all populations would simply STAND UP and say “NO” to outside authority, it (system authority) would crumble. It is only human energy that holds it up. Step away, let GO of supporting something that really does not exist unless you agree to it.
Stop using its stuff and that is The LEGAL NAME and all the so called “ID”.  You can do it in small steps, no need to jump all in.  Become aware, become informed and even this will make a huge difference energetically.
Just say “STOP IT”, move on into Free Forward Motion and don’t look back.
Then ~ there ain’t no stoppin’ us!!!!
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