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To understand more about what Gemstone University teaches, recommended reading is the below treatise which will give the interested reader a great foundation to start to comprehend the depth of education that GU offers.

An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from Life

An Overview of the World System

The Nature of Bondage
Introduction and Overview

This presentation is put forth as a brief yet comprehensive overview of the history and legal structure of how we have become the indentured debt slaves of the world system. It will also integrate broader concepts of an esoteric and multi-dimensional nature that infuses the world system, unknown to most, as it follows the esoteric maxim of “Hidden in Plain Sight”. The word indenture means to attach something of value to a contract whereby the attached value becomes the bonded surety (guarantor) for the performance of the contract. We have all heard of the term “indentured servant”. This refers to a man or woman who voluntarily attaches his labor and life (the value) to a contract to serve for a period of time in return for some form of consideration as reciprocal value. The contract forms a trust. The life and labor are the initial corpus (property) of the trust and the party providing the immediate value in exchange for the future labor is the trustee and holds the value within the trust for a named or potential future beneficiary. An example is when a man wished to come to America in the 1700-1800s (and during that time it was gender specific to men only) and would agree to be an indentured servant to pay for his passage to the new world because he did not have money to pay for the passage. So, instead, he exchanged the value of his future labor for the value of the passage on the ship.

The contract of this agreement is an indentured grantor trust. The man is the grantor and he places his future labor into trust as the initial value and property to be held in trust. This creates an indenture. The interest (the future labor) thus held can be sold as a means for the ship captain to be paid upon delivery of the man to the American shores, and that end user is the beneficiary. A plantation owner or other principal buys the contract, the captain is paid, and the new owner now has an indentured servant that will work for him until the terms of the arrangement are fulfilled. If that total payment is extended longer than the contract calls for by additional charges being applied for upkeep, rent, food or whatever else, the term might be extended for a longer period, or even indefinitely as summed up in the lyrics of the song “Sixteen Tons” and the line “I owe my Soul to the Company Store”1. The story you are about to read is about how the Souls of the entire world population have been bonded, indentured and sold to the Company Store and just exactly what that company store is and who owns it . . .

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