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This article by kenneth scott explans a LOT about where we are, and how we got here!

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Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from Life

Overview Bondage

What Is the Issue of Status, Standing and Capacity All About?
This presentation will cover a brief overview of the history and legal structure of how we have become the indentured debt slaves of the world system. The word indenture means to attach something of value to a contract whereby the attached value becomes the bonded surety (guarantor) for the performance of the contract. We have all heard of the term “indentured servant.” This refers to a man who voluntarily attaches his life (the value) to a contract to serve for a period of time in return for some value. An example is when a man wished to come to America in the 17-1800s and would agree to be an indentured servant to pay off his passage to the new world because he did not have money to pay for the passage. So, instead, he exchanged the value of his future labor for the value of the passage on a ship. The contract of this agreement is the same as a trust. The man is the grantor and he places his future labor into trust. This creates an indenture. A grantor trust is essentially an indenture that bonds the value of the initial grant into the trust body (corpus), and now the legal title and control of the trust is vested in the trustee and the equitable value (equity) is vested in the beneficiary. This creates a split title, which is important to understand because ultimately we must collapse the “grantor” trust created by our mother that split the title and attached us as indentured servant against our future labor to maintain the public persona, the all capital letter name United States person, with the bankrupt UNITED STATES holding legal title and we having a limited beneficial use (usufruct) until we repay the debt (which never happens, hence indentured from cradle to grave).

In short, world history is the story of how all the people in the world have been placed into individual indentured trusts that bond their future labor to underwrite the perpetual monetized debt system. This in turn leads to the discussion of how we become free of that, how this relates to the process of status correction and for those familiar with a process known as “Secured Party Creditor” process, to compare and contrast the two approaches so that we know exactly what we are doing when we engage the status correction process. Additionally, it is important to understand that underlying the public persona is the substance of value created by the estate. The public US PERSON/CITIZEN is the fiction that is underwritten by social insurance schemes to create public debt. Every instrument created such as court cases (complaints, indictments, orders, warrants, judgments), traffic tickets, tax liabilities, among many others, are debt securities, underwritten by the insurance scheme (social security, social insurance, etc.), and a liability against the estate. All public codes and statutes are “codicils” attached to the estate, and until the secured liabilities are liquidated and the estate claimed and brought into solvency, the codes act as codicils, which are attached to the will expressed by and through the public trust. A codicil is an attachment to a will, hence our acceptance of codes are our agreement that they are now part of the will that controls our behavior within the public system. When our status is finally corrected then the codes/codicils do not apply, hence one is no longer attached to public civil and commercial .  . . .

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